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digital model making

A model created from digital data in comparison with a 50 Cent PieceModel of a roman praetoriumModel of a roman praetoriumMiniature model of a roman limes watch towerMiniature model of a roman limes watch towermodel of a part of a roman fortmodel of a part of a roman fortmodel of a part of a roman fort
Model of a roman praetorium

Digitale Archäologie manufactures real tangible models from virtual 3D-data. Digital model making offers totally new possibilities especially for the building of replacement exhibits to experience by touch, for scientific comparison or for replicas to sell at the museum shop, in combination with 3D-Scan even totally hands-free while its creation process.

Alongside the dramatically reduced expenditure of time as well as higher detail, the result is constant, replicable and flexible with regard to corrections and extensions. If new findings occur, parts can be produced and replaced quickly.


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