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Gallery 3D-Stills

Winter Landscape with small Villa RusticaSmall Villa Rustica in Autuum moodRiegel i.K., wooden gate of the fortification of the legionary fortress 
Historical landscape
Vicus and the fortress of Aalen, Reinau-Buch, Heidenheim, limes-gate of Dalkingen and the corresponding small fortresses and constructions along the section of the Limes
Babylon, Prozessionsstraße mit Ischtar-Tor. Bauzustand z.Zt. Nebukadnezars, Anfang 6. Jh. v.Chr.
Babylon (Iraq), The Ishtar-Gate and the Processional RouteConstruction stage at the time of King Nebuchadnezzar, beginning of the 6 th century B.C.Tell near Okoliste, Yugoslavia
Greek Temple of Demeter (Sangri, Naxos),6 th century B.C. Reconstruction according to G. Gruben and A. Ohnesorg (Antike Welt 33, 2002, 387et sqq.). Photograph (picture 2) D. Rothacher, May 2004.Augsburg, MacellumRoman basilica in RiegelReconstruction by Dr. Christian DreierRoman basilica in Riegel i.K., view along the side aisle to the main portal(Reconstruction by Dr. Christian Dreier). 
Neuss - Novaesium, Porta Principalis sinistra from inside (left side entrance gate).
Neuss - Novaesium, Portico in the court of the Valetudinarium (hospital).
Neuss - Novaesium, truss.
Neuss - Novaesium, barracs in the legionary fortress.
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Neuss - Novaesium, truss.


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