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Medieval Staufen - reconstruction of castle and cityKünzing, Reconstruction of Roman camp and vicus created for museum Quintana3D-Reconstruction of Luthers parents house at MansfeldAn imposing wall surrounded  this new celtic settlement on the minster hill. This wall (murus gallicus) was - according to Caesar - 6 m high; the trench was 7 m deep and 30 m wide. Virtual 3D-Reconstruction of the Roman Bathhouse from Heerlen, Netherlands  This about 15 minutes lasting film was created for the Limesmuseum Aalen.Theses Sequences of the Temple of Amun in Naga/Sudan and the pyramid fields near Meroe have been produced for NDR/ARTE and were shown in a documentation
This about 15 minutes lasting film was created for the Limesmuseum Aalen.

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Based on our visualizations we make animations for TV- and video-broadcasting, for impressive large format beamer projections, for touchscreen-systems, DVD and CD-ROM and for the internet.

Our partners create impressive musical compositions which accompany the movie in a harmonious style and include proper and realistic background sounds.   Dialogs are narrated by professional speakers.

On our company own internal network with a total of 25 computers and 60 GHz processing-power we can produce considerably large movies with complex light simulation at a high frame rate.

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